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Trick Dog Training Classes

Trick Dog is a titling track whereby the dog and handler perform tricks to earn novice, intermediate, advanced, elite and performer titles - pure fun!

At the end of this six week class, the dog is eligible to obtain their Novice Trick Dog Title and possibly their Canine Good Citizen Title.  Additional titles are also available, and I will work with students in future 6-week classes to achieve future titles! (See titling options / forms on right)

Trick training teaches dogs to learn, creates a better relationship with our dogs, gives our dogs confidence and is really the foundation for all dog sports such as obedience, rally, tracking, scentwork, barnhunt, agility, etc.   

ALL dogs benefit from trick training!  It teaches younger dogs self control and focus and it keeps older dogs young by engaging them and asking them to learn new behaviors.

Also, who doesn't enjoy entertaining themselves and their friends by asking your dog to do silly tricks??? 

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