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Canine Good Citizen (CGG)

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Part of being a responsible dog owner is helping your dog become a member of society.  Important steps towards responsible dog ownership include socializing and training your dog.  The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program sets guidelines for appropriate dog behavior.

Benefits of AKC Canine Good Citizen:
Having a polite and well-behaved dog who can accompany you many places is priceless!  How lovely would it be to take your polite dog to friend's houses, the vet or the groomer with no issue? Being successful at CGC training requires a lot of love, patients and praise.  This helps to strengthen your bond with your dog both at home and out is the world.


With a little guidance, all owners can be great owners, and all dogs can be great dogs.  The program is a two-part course, one for you and one for your dog, with the aim of helping the two of you become a lifelong team.

Your part of the program is to promise to maintain your dog's health, safety and quality of life.  The dog's part of the CGC course is a 10-skill program focused on good manners.  The test items are:

 1.  Accepting a friendly stranger.
2.  Sitting politely for petting.
3.  Accepting grooming or an examination from somebody other than the owner.         
4.  Reacting politely to other dogs.
5.  Sitting and lying down on cue and staying in place.
6.  Coming when called.
7.  Walking on a loose leash.

 8.  Walking politely and under control through a crowd.
9.  Reacting calmly to a distraction.
10.  Reacting calmly to supervised separation from the owner.

Getting Started with CGC Training:

Although you can train your dog at home, formal CGC classes will not only help you through any struggles but will provide your dog with socialization.  After you have taught your dog to master all 10 skills, it's time to take the CGC test together.  In order to pass, you and your dog will have to successfully perform every skill under the supervision of a CGC evaluator.

Any dog of any age can participate in CGC, and both purebred and mixed breed dogs are welcome!  Once your dog has passed the test, the CGC title is valid with the AKC for life.

What Comes After CGC?

After your dog earns a CGC award, you're
both ready to pursue other fun and fulfilling

activities, such as therapy dog work, dog sports,
AKC Community CanineAKC Urban CGC,
and ACK Trick Dogs.

If you and your dog are interested in becoming certified as Canine Good Citizens, reserve
your spot today!


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